Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lost Crazy

So, Lost last night. Wow! Jim said that that was the classic way to get a mole into an enemy camp. Is Juliet a mole? No clue. I'm being to think so - these Others don't do anything without a reason.

Why don't the Losties just move into the Other's abandoned compound? Beds, water, eletricity, there's even a fence to keep out the scary black smoke. I'm sure that's too easy but it makes sense to me.

And didn't you love Hurley getting Sawyer to do some work? It made me laugh. Sawyer needs to be "gotten" or conned, if you will, some more.

Lastly, was Sawyer the guy who conned that girl who helped Kate? She told us she was pregnant - Sawyer as a daddy.

What ya think?

Eddited to add: Check out Shannon's post...


Anne Jones said...

Your next post should be about there's a quality "show"!

Nise' said...

Love this! I said that same thing last night..that they should move into the houses and off the beach surrounded by that force field thingy and keep the black fog away! If the Others know so much about the Losties, why are are concerned about them? Hmmm. But then again, just when I think I have it figured out, I realize, I have not idea what's going on!

Sarah said...

I definitely have no idea what's going on, but I love Hurley more every episode! I missed the first 2 minutes, so I didn't see who Sawyer was talking to/ conning -- did it show? That would definitely make sense... and you KNOW somewhere along the way, Sawyer is a daddy. Whether or not he KNOWS it ... different story. Maybe he's Hurley's daddy, or Charlie's... I'm just cracking myself up now!

Melene said...

Love this idea! How fun!
I didn't get hooked on Lost because I always at church when it first started.....

Lisa said...

OK -- I definitely think it was Sawyer. I read somewhere that everyone will be connected somehow in "real life" before the story ends.

I think Julia's a mole and Jack and being DUPED if he trusts her.

And I love Desmond. I don't know why but I really love his character and hope to see more of him.

Here's my questions:

Are Jack and Claire ever going to figure out that they're half brother and sister?

Can the island bring people back to life? If so, those two people they buried alive last week could do some real damage. If not, I think that was probably just a filler episode to buy time without changing the story line at all.

Love me some Lost!!