Monday, April 30, 2007

Cool Blogs

I was surfing around the other day and found the TV Guide website. It has some blogs on the home page. These are mainly show recaps so if you miss an episode you can read about it. Not as good - but sometimes life is too short to watch online. Or on ITunes.

It's kinda sad that I've missed the last few Gilmore Girls. The writing on this show is (generally) wonderful and it's worth it to laugh at the pop culture references. But the story has gotten out of control lately (with Chris, without Chris, without Luke, with Logan, etc.) and it just isn't as good as it used to be. These may be the final episodes - we may have to buy the DVD.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sci-Fi Friday

I watched my Stargates on Friday night. You can't beat SG-1 for a good story. I loved that it showed Cameron in a wheelchair and that he, too, had stood up for his principles. Does this mean that in an alternate universe we are basically the same people? If you're thinking enough, that is a nature vs. nurture argument waiting to happen.

Daniel becomes Ori!!?? Come on. I'm guessing Daniel will ascend, but Ori? No.

Insider info: Ok, maybe not insider but I did read something interesting. Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter) will be on Atlantis next year. She's taking Weir's spot! What? And did you know that Dr Beckett (Atlantis) will be killed off in the next couple of weeks?! What's up with the turn-over? Weir may be done but Beckett? I like him and his cute accent. (It must be something about those Scottish accents.) One more - How long before Ronan and Teyla hook-up. I'm okay with my Sci-Fi being s*x free, but those two sure are exchanging significant glances.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I watched Lost again today. When I was at school today, one of the other teachers asked me about the end and, unbelievably, I had forgotten it. How does that happen? It was late last night is the only excuse I have.

Sun - I think we saw last night that Sun is her father's daughter. Whew! Don't mess with that girl - she will cut you! Or have you cut, dadgum it! I was so happy for her when she found out that the baby was Jin's - I was so sad for her that she's going to die. Really? Sun's going to die?! Is she going to come back like Eye-Patch? Dead doesn't really seem dead on this island. While we are talking babies - doesn't it have to the daddy's fault? (Not that assigning blame is important, mind you) If whatever happens at conception and the sperm count is super-increased on the island, then aren't the sperm faulty. Maybe some sort of "barrier" method should be used to keep the women alive?

May I never have to write "sperm" on any blog again.

Patch - Did Locke know he wasn't really dead? How was he not dead? Like the survivors of Flight 851 aren't dead? I'm with Charlie - let's put out his Other eye. Obviously he was lying about what the Parachute Girl had said. Bad, bad.

Juliet - My girl hates her. Called her evil. How far would you go to get off the island? How far has Jack gone? Has he gone to the Other side? Sun isn't sure he can be trusted - are we? It seems that Juliet is making a deal with the devil (Ben) and now she hates herself, him and her deal.

Jin - You go, Jin with your tae kwon do! Army training, yall? Or just daddy-in-law's enforcer? I'd want him on my side. You would think between him and Sayid there wouldn't be any secrets.

My girl told me that 5 people would die on the island in May. She had read it in TV Guide and, you realize that there's only 3 more until after next Christmas. I gotta get me some previous seasons.....

Edited to add: This link is crazy! I can't explain this person's theory, just read it. Check out Shannon's too. Read the comments everyone has something to say.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol Rehashed

Well, last night we watched only the last 30 minutes of American Idol and, it's just not the same without someone to laugh at. I did get to see Jordan and that girl can flat sing! I missed Melinda (it MUST come down to those two!) but saw the re-cap at the end. Those boys aren't as good - looks like a girl winner this year! That's my prediction but it isn't that surprising.

Funny thing: I bought Happy Meals at Micky D's this week and they are AI meals! My kids were thrilled to get little echo mikes that had American Idol on them. Kenny was all about reading the facts on the side of the box. Okay, I was interested, too. Did you know that the contestants get help on their styling but not their song choices? It seems a hue thing to leave in a young 'un's hands, Dawg. I guess that's why they always make such a deal out of the song choice.

Only .07% Of The Population

I can't say enough about Heroes. That show is wonderful! I read on someone else's blog that compared it to another serial (I assumed Lost) - they liked how things happened in the show. Not just plugging along and then some mystery is answered in the last 5 minutes. LOL! That is so Lost, isn't it? And yet we watch and write about it. Just like Mama Crawford and her stories.

I didn't want Issac to die but by passing on his work to the messenger, did he past on some important info? Like how to kill Sklyer, maybe? Jim and I both think that Peter won't be the person to blow up New York City but instead it will be the radioactive guy. Monday night Parkman talked to him about killing himself. I think that he may be the one to do it. IF it happens...... This show is dealing with future events and free will in every episode - who knows what will happen? Isn't that the point?

I wanted to tell yall that both my kids watched the show. Kenny was in the bath at the most violent part (we didn't have to see Skyler kill the guy) and Abbie turned away. She hid her face in Jim's shoulder and told me not to watch either. I watched.

Can't wait until next week - a preview of what life will be like in 5 years. Or will someone use their free will to change the future?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Daniel, Oh Daniel

Well, it's Monday again and I haven't written about my TV viewing! What is up with that?! Maybe I haven't watched any TV? Right.

Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis were good. Jim and I got to see them last night on our old-fashioned VCR. Yep, we still tape. No DVR at our house. That's another blog. We feel like we missed something with Daniel. Did they even notice he was gone? They only mentioned him once - why were they not going after him? When did they get that device? I saw Daniel thinking it - when did it become a "device?" Did we miss something? Anyone? Megan?

Tonight begins the end for the Heroes. LOVE THIS SHOW! Kenny had been watching it but I'm afraid it's going to get too violent. That Skyler is one BAD dude! He is truly evil. (Of course, that begs the question - Isn't that what makes a good bad guy?) And exactly how bad is Linderman? Is Peter really dead? OOOOOO - I can't wait.

Also, at the same time on my VCR, is 24. There aren't enough good things to say. There aren't enough words to laud Jack Bauer. He's going after his love that went after him. Nuff said.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

In One Of Your Puzzle Flashes.

I have to admit - I wasn't sure that Desmond wouldn't let Charlie die until the last moment. I thought, maybe. Desmond really wants to be with Penny again and who can blame him? But I'm really glad he didn't let Charlie die. I told Jim that I don't want Charlie off the show. He has more to say, more room to grow, redemption, dad gum it!

Aside: Aren't the names Desmond and Penelope great? Don't they seem so English?

I love the interaction with Hurley and anybody. Hurley is my favorite character on the show and I want him to be well. Maybe the island heals mental illnesses, too. I tried to imagine how much these people have to say to each other now. We are assuming that they are still hiding parts of their lives - the idea of sitting around a campfire with your buds. That sounds like a reason to open up their lives and talk about your past failures. Your need for redemption.

Ah, Sawyer. He's hot and funny. Who could want anything else?

Link for Shannon's blog - She always gets more out of it than I do. Her readers do, too.

Bless Him!

FINALLY! SANJAYA IS GONE! The madness is over. The train wreck has been cleared. The question now becomes: Why watch American Idol? There's talk out there in blogland that Melinda is too old. Maybe I'm not qualified to make observations like that. (Just like your grannie, she looks young to me.)

I wanted a video of him crying (to mock, OK!!) but nothing was on YouTube yet. I heard he cried when he got kicked off - oh, he's so young. So enjoy this from SNL.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's Like A Car Wreck - You Can't Look Away

Here's what I think: Sanjaya is on American Idol so more people will watch. My family had quit watching in the past few years but now I have to see/hear how bad he is. I'm staying to see Melinda and Jordon - those two should be the final two. Melinda gives me chill bumps! She sings like someone who already has a recording contract!

My hubby said Sajaya's attempt at singing was bad karaoke before Randy did - so you know it much be true.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's Hard To Think With Two Sets Of Memories

Well, well. I just finished reading Shannon's Lost post. Yall, I love this show be apparently I have no original thoughts associated with it. There are lots of people out there who are thinking of it much more than I. Here's a site that Shannon linked that has some weird stuff on it, too. Including info from the producer, Carlton Cuse.

Jim commented, after I read to him from the site, that "some people are spending way too much time on this." It made me think - wouldn't it be cool if something you wrote made everybody think and talk about it. That's cooler than, say, American Idol.

Jim and I watched Stargate SG-1 last night. I (have to say again) love that show. Those are some BAD guys -those Ori - and their prophet,the Orisi, is just evil! What's cooler than Merlin coming to life and putting his memories into Daniel?! Wow! That Daniel gets hotter every season. He's gotten so much cooler as this show has progressed. Remember when this was all about finding Shar'ra? I fear he may have to ascend again at the end of the series - he will not go quietly into academia. Blessings on your journey, Dr Jackson. (Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Offworld Activation

Tonight at 6:00 will begin again the Stargate stories. I love the Stargate stories and I'm happy that I know at least 3 other women who love it, too. One friend actually is planning to have on her jammies and be ready to watch from the beginning. At 6:00. Don't call her.

Tonight will be the beginning of the end for Stargate SG-1 - there are only 10 episodes left. One friend said she knew it was time but she hated to see our friends go. That's how I feel, too. It's time but still.....

If you're interested in all things Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis, check out this site.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Where This Is Going

I'm sure you all noticed that Sanjaya didn't get in the bottom of the pack again. To h*ll in a handbasket.

See You In A Week

Yeah, Jack, you saw in Juliet's eyes that she would do anything to get off that island! And now that means spying on yall for who knows what reason?!

If all the pregnant women die, what about Rousoux? Why didn't she die? How did Ben get Alex anyway? But I digress.

This week we are finally let in on the little secret of Juliet. She's dirty, yall. I wonder if she's worried that the Losties will kill her, too, just like they did her boyfriend. And her colleague. I feel so bad for Juliet, really, she wants to go home, too. But she needs to get away from the Devil and join up with the good guys. Cause right now the Devil is still the Devil and he hasn't been very cooperative so far.

Poor Jack. He sure can pick em.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Say Hello To Your Brother For Me

*Spoiler Alert*
Oh My Stars!! If you didn't watch 24 last night and don't want any details, stop now! Because I just can't wait!! Can you believe?
Firstly, that President Palmer totally threw me off. I couldn't believe that he would nuke any one. Since he hadn't already and the country had been threatened even before the "day" started - I had no idea he would think of bombing anyone. I was sure he had lost his mind. I'm pretty sure even Jim was surprised and he usually knows what's coming. Now when is he going to bed? And will the vice-pres take over?
Okay. The ending. I had assumed that someone would take Marwan's place. There would be another bad guy. Jack would whoop his tail, too. In fact, last night, I thought those bad guys would take Marwan to the nukes and off we'd go.... So imagine my surprise. I had assumed that Jack would be in China next year searching for Audrey. I had envisioned how different it would be for Jack to not have CTU to rely on.
Little did I know. Now that Jack has killed all the bad Middle Eastern men - he has to start on the bad Chinese men. You know that there all lots more Chinese people (over 1 billion) than Arabs. Watch out you bad guys! Jack is back.
Editted to add: The bad guy wasn't Marwan - that's the one I watch during the day (Day 5, maybe.) The bad guy was Fied (can't spell Arabic names.) Now, of course, he'll have a Chinese name.

Monday, April 9, 2007

You don't want to know where I've been, Brother.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

No, Not Jack!

Whoa! I just saw a teaser for tomorrow night's 24. Jack is shot??!! The one thing you can count on in this show is that Keifer is the star and they won't kill him. I usually console myself with this knowledge.

Don't kill Jack! I will stop watching. There I said it.

He's The Way, The Truth, and The Light

Do you remember when we watched shows about Jesus on Easter? It was The 10 Commandments on Saturday and Jesus of Nazareth on Sunday night - not any more. We still get the 10 Commandments on Saturday but no Jesus anymore.

Is this any other way the media is getting rid of Jesus? We can still be "spiritual" but not mention Him? It's sad for our kids - I loved those Jesus movies. I still remember that Jesus from the Jesus of Nazarth movie. He didn't look as good as the more recent ones - why are they not on?

I know this is a little "deeper" than usual - maybe we just need to get a copy. And watch it with our children.

Friday, April 6, 2007

That's Just Crazy

I love yall's comments! I'm still hooked on all things TV. It's a sad but true confession.

American Idol: I gotta say I'm watching it to see that Sanjaya guy sings as bad as everyone says. And, yes, he does. That's like if I got up there. I know I'm good enough to be on mike but not good enough to get a recording contract. Or to make it to the Top 10 on American Idol. I did see Melinda sing on Tuesday and she was great! She sounds like a professional - not like a wanna be. It's funny to me all the big stars that "mentor" the AI singers. Tony Bennet and next week it's Jennifer Lopez. Jenny From the Block, yall!

So Sanjaya - Bless him! Here's my question - Does he still think he can sing?
Aside: Abbie just saw his picture and said, "Oh, that's the boy I like singing." He has the 4-year-old vote.....

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lost Crazy

So, Lost last night. Wow! Jim said that that was the classic way to get a mole into an enemy camp. Is Juliet a mole? No clue. I'm being to think so - these Others don't do anything without a reason.

Why don't the Losties just move into the Other's abandoned compound? Beds, water, eletricity, there's even a fence to keep out the scary black smoke. I'm sure that's too easy but it makes sense to me.

And didn't you love Hurley getting Sawyer to do some work? It made me laugh. Sawyer needs to be "gotten" or conned, if you will, some more.

Lastly, was Sawyer the guy who conned that girl who helped Kate? She told us she was pregnant - Sawyer as a daddy.

What ya think?

Eddited to add: Check out Shannon's post...

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Stories

My grandmother used to watch her "stories." She was very loyal to sit everyday and see the same people come into her living room. She liked their "stories." I have "stories," too. I just watch them at night and call them "shows" or "programs."

I've been thinking of beginning another blog devoted to my "shows." The TV I can't stop watching and have something to say about it. I won't be regular and I may not watch what you watch. But come back if you have a favorite that you want to discuss. If I'm missing one that can not be missed - let me know maybe I can squeeze it in.

So add this to your Bloglines and come over whenever you wanna!