Wednesday, April 11, 2007

See You In A Week

Yeah, Jack, you saw in Juliet's eyes that she would do anything to get off that island! And now that means spying on yall for who knows what reason?!

If all the pregnant women die, what about Rousoux? Why didn't she die? How did Ben get Alex anyway? But I digress.

This week we are finally let in on the little secret of Juliet. She's dirty, yall. I wonder if she's worried that the Losties will kill her, too, just like they did her boyfriend. And her colleague. I feel so bad for Juliet, really, she wants to go home, too. But she needs to get away from the Devil and join up with the good guys. Cause right now the Devil is still the Devil and he hasn't been very cooperative so far.

Poor Jack. He sure can pick em.

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Roxanne said...

Yeah--too bad. . .Sawyer and Sayid will keep an eye on her though. I'm curious about what's up with Locke.