Sunday, April 8, 2007

He's The Way, The Truth, and The Light

Do you remember when we watched shows about Jesus on Easter? It was The 10 Commandments on Saturday and Jesus of Nazareth on Sunday night - not any more. We still get the 10 Commandments on Saturday but no Jesus anymore.

Is this any other way the media is getting rid of Jesus? We can still be "spiritual" but not mention Him? It's sad for our kids - I loved those Jesus movies. I still remember that Jesus from the Jesus of Nazarth movie. He didn't look as good as the more recent ones - why are they not on?

I know this is a little "deeper" than usual - maybe we just need to get a copy. And watch it with our children.


Lisa said...

I remember the Jesus movie.

Speaking of, did you know that guy who's playing Desmond on Lost played Jesus in the Gospel of John movie?

Check it out on Amazon.

Sarah said...

We'll have to send Lisa to listen/ watch past church services, so that she can know that we see the Desmond-Jesus at least once a month. ("You don' wan' ta kno' whe' I been, brotha...")