Thursday, April 26, 2007


I watched Lost again today. When I was at school today, one of the other teachers asked me about the end and, unbelievably, I had forgotten it. How does that happen? It was late last night is the only excuse I have.

Sun - I think we saw last night that Sun is her father's daughter. Whew! Don't mess with that girl - she will cut you! Or have you cut, dadgum it! I was so happy for her when she found out that the baby was Jin's - I was so sad for her that she's going to die. Really? Sun's going to die?! Is she going to come back like Eye-Patch? Dead doesn't really seem dead on this island. While we are talking babies - doesn't it have to the daddy's fault? (Not that assigning blame is important, mind you) If whatever happens at conception and the sperm count is super-increased on the island, then aren't the sperm faulty. Maybe some sort of "barrier" method should be used to keep the women alive?

May I never have to write "sperm" on any blog again.

Patch - Did Locke know he wasn't really dead? How was he not dead? Like the survivors of Flight 851 aren't dead? I'm with Charlie - let's put out his Other eye. Obviously he was lying about what the Parachute Girl had said. Bad, bad.

Juliet - My girl hates her. Called her evil. How far would you go to get off the island? How far has Jack gone? Has he gone to the Other side? Sun isn't sure he can be trusted - are we? It seems that Juliet is making a deal with the devil (Ben) and now she hates herself, him and her deal.

Jin - You go, Jin with your tae kwon do! Army training, yall? Or just daddy-in-law's enforcer? I'd want him on my side. You would think between him and Sayid there wouldn't be any secrets.

My girl told me that 5 people would die on the island in May. She had read it in TV Guide and, you realize that there's only 3 more until after next Christmas. I gotta get me some previous seasons.....

Edited to add: This link is crazy! I can't explain this person's theory, just read it. Check out Shannon's too. Read the comments everyone has something to say.

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