Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Say Hello To Your Brother For Me

*Spoiler Alert*
Oh My Stars!! If you didn't watch 24 last night and don't want any details, stop now! Because I just can't wait!! Can you believe?
Firstly, that President Palmer totally threw me off. I couldn't believe that he would nuke any one. Since he hadn't already and the country had been threatened even before the "day" started - I had no idea he would think of bombing anyone. I was sure he had lost his mind. I'm pretty sure even Jim was surprised and he usually knows what's coming. Now when is he going to bed? And will the vice-pres take over?
Okay. The ending. I had assumed that someone would take Marwan's place. There would be another bad guy. Jack would whoop his tail, too. In fact, last night, I thought those bad guys would take Marwan to the nukes and off we'd go.... So imagine my surprise. I had assumed that Jack would be in China next year searching for Audrey. I had envisioned how different it would be for Jack to not have CTU to rely on.
Little did I know. Now that Jack has killed all the bad Middle Eastern men - he has to start on the bad Chinese men. You know that there all lots more Chinese people (over 1 billion) than Arabs. Watch out you bad guys! Jack is back.
Editted to add: The bad guy wasn't Marwan - that's the one I watch during the day (Day 5, maybe.) The bad guy was Fied (can't spell Arabic names.) Now, of course, he'll have a Chinese name.


Tammy M. said...

For whatever strange reason, I had it in my mind that the Prez. was pulling everyone's legs and faking out the bad guys country, and the nuke would freak them out and they would give up a bit of info. I think the strange reason is that I have been so emmersed in 24 culture having watched seasons 1-5 since season 6 started, I am sure I will be shocked at something though.
Last week when little Ricky Shroeder seemed like he was hiding some info, and low and behold he had turned in the evidence, that one threw me for a loop, he seemed a bit shady and I wouldn't have put it past him.
Now Audrey, very excited to see where this goes. I really don't like that bad chinese guy, he is evil.

Anonymous said...

k well i did not watch 24 cause i had to study, gosh school! anyway I know you know this already but STARGATE friday starts at 6 i think with a special mythology thingy can not wait!