Monday, May 28, 2007

Still Writing....

I was afraid I wouldn't have anything to write about for awhile. All my network favorites have had their finales and a couple won't even come back until after Christmas! But leave it to Rosie O'Donnell to not leave me hangin'

I don't watch The View very much. I would occasionally flip over to see what they had to say about American Idol or some other pop culture phenomenon but for the most part they are what women don't want to be. Loud, screechy, biased, (dare I say) b*tchy.... I do like Elizabeth - she's the voice of reason on that show. You know, I wish Meridith Veira was still there instead of on the Today show (exactly what was wrong with Ann Curry, I ask you.) Then I wouldn't have to watch her struggle with how much to say about her family, how caustic to be, and try to figure out how to talk to Matt. Enough about Meredith - that's done.

Rosie got her feeling hurt by Elizabeth and then she quit the show. What?! This is the lesson I want to teach my daughter - go head-to-head with your co-worker and when things don't go your way, leave. That's the way most people do it, isn't it? Or do we work together and try to make our workplace something to be proud of. I understand that this show thrives on its arguments but Rosie is really setting a poor example - for her children if nobody else. I remember the days when she was funny - not anymore.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Not Penny's Boat

I watched Lost on Wednesday night - on tape so I wouldn't miss anything. I will watch it again and again and, probably, again.

I don't know where to start. I did have some inkling that the show was moving into the future - the producers had hinted at it. But Jack's dad is dead. He was in a coffin. On the plane. in the hold. Going back to the states to be buried. So why did Jack refer to him in the flash-forward? That really confused me.

Charlie's dead?! I know people don't stay very dead on the island (maybe that just applies to Locke) but the actor's gone, yall. I did read on E! online that the producers didn't feel they could keep him alive - it would cheat the viewers. I certainly was willing to suspend belief that he could live - couldn't you? I pretty sure if you're watching Lost - you're suspending belief on alot stuff.

I loved that Ben wasn't trusted. When you lie all the time, Ben, people don't believe you when you finally tell the truth. So who was on the boat? Maybe just a random boat? Then why did Naomi have Desmond's picture? Speaking of - why didn't Desmond question her more about why she had his picture? The girl was walking - Sayid could have gotten the truth out of her.
I'm so happy, happy, happy that Sayid's not dead. I love his voice, character and he looks good,too

Locke's alive. Kate's married to who? in the future. Somebody (a man) is dead in the future. Alex found her mother. Sun is going to die, maybe. More and more questions. We have to wait until next February for some answers. Poo!

I love me some time travel and I'm starting to believe that's what this show is about. Check out what Shannon wrote and be sure to read the comments......

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol Finale

This will be quick - Jordan. Jordan is clearly the better singer. Who can question that? I know that 11-year-old girls think Blake is cute but, girls, he ain't that great.

Jordan blew the American Idol single out of the water! If she doesn't win, I will quit watching (again.)

I can't end without saying that at least Paula had a reason to be on drugs last night.....

Friday, May 18, 2007

An Extra

Two things:

I watched the Lost producers, Carolton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, talk about Lost last night. Yall, I love that show! I wanna watch it all again! The biggest thing I remember that they said was that the black smoke was flashing at Juliet. Like it was taking a picture! What does that mean? Is Juliet going to be taken by the smoke? Is Jacob the smoke? They also showed pictures of Walt and Michael (remember them?) - are they coming back? My favorite thing the producers said was that if they were all rescued the show would be over. That's what Jim and I say whenever they started walking to the radio tower. But wait, they also said that the story takes place in 3 places - present time, past time, and the future. So, they could rescue them and then follow their futures. This is making my head hurt. I'm simply Lost.

Melinda Doolittle gets kicked off American Idol?! That makes sense - take the most talented person and get rid of them. Keep the teenager and the boy who makes noise with his mouth. This just proves, once again, that this show is for kids. It's all about who is the most popular - just like high school. Yuck! I had enough of that when I was 17!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

So, You're First Plane Crash?

you know I had to watch last night's Lost episode again. I watched it on and I have to tell you that the picture was wonderful! I was really impressed with the quality of the site. You can see lots of their shows over there including Dancing with The Stars or Grey's Anatomy.

I don't know what to say about the show - it was so good. I'm glad Jack has finally gotten a backbone! It's about time he told someone he wasn't gonna take it anymore! Blow up those crazy Ben-ites - sounds like a good idea to me. Those "Hostiles" are following Ben a little too much and questioning him too little. It appears that Alex and Richard (eye-liner man,) at least, are not blindingly following Ben but the guys with the guns are following him. And Ben is using Jacob (or any lie he feels like telling) to keep the Others in line. (Wasn't that dead rabbit gross?)

Does Charlie die? That is the question. I think not - out in Internetland the producers have said they won't kill Charlie. You know that when Desmond offered to take his place I was thinking that I would lose that great accent (along with Dr. Beckett on Stargate Atlantis.) I didn love seeing little Aaron's hands on Charlie's face - he could easily be a good daddy. I'm wondering if those women in the Looking Glass Station are the girls from Ben's youth? Maybe that blond was the little girl that liked Ben (ewwww?)

Who knew that Barnard was a sharpshooter? I loved Rose's line to Jack "I like you better since you got back, Jack. You're almost an optimist."

And, just in case you were wondering, yes I cried. It seems all these ending are setting me up to go looking for the Kleenex. I'm sure I'll cry next week, too, I'll be crying cause I have to wait forever for more Lost!

Check out Shannon for more Lost chat.....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's Too Soon

Well, it's over. I watched the last episode today and I was crying toward the bittersweet end. Is it too soon? Could it have gone on? I suppose but it was a good place to end - Rory with a real job and Lorilei finally getting together with Luke. No weddings. I'm not sure either Luke or Lorilei are ready for that but just seeing them together - I'm veklept.

Good last show. Good end for all the relationships including the one between Lorilei and her mom. I had trouble choosing a tag line for the title because (of course, it's the Gilmore Girls) there were too many. Enjoy.

"I'm sure she's freaking out on the inside." Lane about Lorilei

"You've come a long way, baby." Rory to Lane

"You've given me everything I need." Rory to Lorilei

"I got the material from one of Mom's nighties." Kirk (who else)

"I just like to see you happy." Luke to Lorilei (Isn't that true love?)

"Do they make flasks for hot beverages?" Lorilei to Rory "Yeah, they call them a thermos." Rory's response. Last time in the diner......

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


American Idol Re-cap:

Jordan - She's such a cutie. She sings really well, too. I like that she uses those old songs (did she say "Grosse Point?") - they deserve some recognition with the youngsters out there. I had goose bumps on that last song (the old one.)

Blake - He's very cute, too. I realize that his clothing choices are somewhat limited but how many times can he wear the same style? I've grown weary of them. Oh, he thinks Jim Carey should play him in a movie? As what, a grandpa? Maybe 25 years ago but Jim a little long in the tooth now, Blake. Musically he sang one of my favorites, It's Love by Maroon 5. He did a good job on it, too. Roxanne did sound like a bad cover of Sting though. Whatever that last song was was good, too. Those last two sounded like his vibe - his spot, you know.

Melinda - What can I say? She should already be making music. She is the best of the three. She can rock any song and I'm with Randy - she needs to throw some Tina Turner-ish stuff into her repertoire. That girl works hard for her money!

The Judges - They get the treatment tonight, too. Firstly, please replace Paula. She is getting weirder all the time. Tonight when she laughed - her plastic surgery was a little too obvious. She seems so ..... ewwww. Secondly, we get that Randy has produced some big names - no need to drop one all the time. I like that he choose Whitney for Melinda - Melinda was on it! Lastly, Simon. He seems to put the youth thing in front of the voice. He mentions the age (of a song or person) alot. I really was shocked that he wanted Melinda in the final two - I believed that he wanted the younger ones. Who buys CDs or downloads?

Final Two: Melinda and Jordan It needs to be between these two - they have the talent.

Didn't I Throw You Out A Window Once?

I know yall aren't watching Heroes. I know you're afraid to start now because it's almost over. You've told me that you would be lost because you didn't see it from the beginning. I have heard you and I'm telling you - that is the best show! Better than 24, which comes on at the same time? Well, I can predict that Jack won't die and he will save the world. I'm still hoping all my heroes won't die and that they can save the world.

But how??!!

This show has the baddest man on TV (Sylar) and the most conficted heroes. It is like a comic book and I can't help but love it. If you watch it, I hope Peter doesn't die! Please, please kill Sylar! Let Parkman wake up and save Molly. Do not have Claire's dad kill her! Will Linderman heal himself? It would seem that someone sticking his hand into your brain would positively kill you, right? Right?

If you've read this far and are interested, SciFi channel will have all the Heroes episodes on back-to-back on Saturday and I'm sure the re-runs will be on during the summer. I've written before that it's a little gory but both my kids watch it. (hey, we quit My Name is Earl - cut me some slack)

Did I steer you wrong about 24?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Help Me.

I'm going to write about Lost. I've been vegging out (whenever I have the time) but it hasn't been at the computer - it's been in front of the TV.

Oh. My. Stars. Lost is crazy! Ben is crazy. The Others are crazy. And Kate is crazy (again and again she trusts Jack - isn't this what women do who with men who continue to prove themselves untrustworthy? But that's another sermon.) I seriously think Ben may be crazy - too long on the island without things changing. You know, that guy with the eye-liner doesn't look a day older - he has just cut his hair.

I can only say that people on the island don't always stay dead very well. Locke isn't dead, yall. He just quit breathing temporarily. Cause I know he'll start again - and he's coming after Ben! There seems to be some speculation out there in Internetland that Jacob and Locke are brothers and Jacob wants Locke to help him get out of Ben's grip.

This I love: Jacob and Locke as separated twins - like Jacob and Esau. I don't know if the writers fully understand everywhere they can go with the Jacob and Esau story. Feuding families. Feuding countries. Sold birthright. Favoritism by the mom and/or dad. The Old Testament is full of great soap opera.

Well, I can't wait until next week to see who dies - temporarily.

Edited to add: I didn't link Shannon earlier because I was in such a hurry but check it out. Those are some good comments...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

From Abbie

I like Hannah Montana cause it's funny and and Hannah has a double life. She's a regular girl and she's a rock star. And she has a giant closet with a button you push and it makes it spin around.

Abbie loves this show and wanted it to be featured on my blog....

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Have You Ever Been To Jasper, Alabama?

Sawyer's from Jasper, Alabama?! Did he live out towards Saragossa like all my kin? Did he go to Red Mill School (elementary) like my mom? Or West Jasper Elementary where Papa Crawford (my grandpa) worked as a janitor? Or maybe he went to TR Simmons, where I taught?!

I couldn't pass that up. Sawyer's from my neck of the woods. Who knew? FYI: Sawyer is totally from West Jasper - more "wrong side of the tracks" over there. That being said my daddy is from West Jasper and he turned out pretty good.

I've got two links for you. The first is Shannon's blog. Her readers always have good comments - the stuff I've missed or more just insightful. The next one is from Shannon's blog, too. It's to a rumour site that lists 3 characters that will die, supposedly. Rumors, all rumors.

Friday, May 4, 2007

What Will Happen To Paris?

Sarah has noted that Gilmore Girls is ending it's run. No more Lorilei or Rory. Except on DVD which I know several of yall have/watch. I read Lauren Graham said that she hoped it wouldn't end with a wedding.

Ahhh, weddings are wonderful, Lauren. Maybe Rory can get married? What about Kirk and Lulu? It would be more logical that Rory would move away to write on some big paper as a stepping stone to the New York Times.

Last show May 15 - I'll be watching.

It Sure Is Hot Enough

Wow. Lost. I love that Locke's dad was the con man who destroyed Sawyer's (James's) family. Where is this place?! Locke's dad said it was hell - is it hell? I enjoy it when the story crosses over itself like that. But surely it isn't all coincidence - there must be something afoot there (of course).

What about Rousseau? Why was she getting the dynamite? Who/What is she planning on blowing up? Yikes.

My other favorite scene of the episode was when Kate had to tattle to Jack about Naomi. What is wrong with that girl? Is Jack her daddy, or something. He isn't the principal, Kate. You can keep secrets from him because he's keeping one from you. With his new girlfriend. Who seems much cooler than you right now. But I guess we have to excuse Kate, she's got to be pregnant. That super-sperm (there it was again, eww) did it's job, I'm sure.

Log in if you wish - I can't wait until next week.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Have A Nice Day

American Idol Chat: Honestly, I missed the first two performers. I came in when the judges were blasting my girl, Jordan. Was she really that bad? I thought her hair was crazy and fun and it cracks me up how much she towers over Ryan! Makes me laugh every time.

Blake - What?! Was that rock and roll? Or was that some guy sounding like a record? Do the 11-year-olds know what a record is? Did mama have to tell them that was something from "back in the day?" I am agreeing with Simon - 1/2 would love it and 1/2 would hate it. Hated it. Or maybe I just didn't get it.

LaKisha - She was rocking! I loved her singing "This Ain't a Love Song!" I thought she was great. What up with the outfit? Ok.

Melinda - For somebody who thinks that they can't sing rock-n-roll - she was kicking it! She portrayed tough and edgy - a Pat Benetar - and portrayed it well. She's great and her voice is really incredible.

I have to mention that two of my co-workers that love American Idol and watch it every year are crazy about Blake. One of them asked me if I would buy Melinda's CD. I have to say that I haven't bought any AI CD's. Obviously, I'm not their target audience. I do love Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, and Carrie Underwood but, never bought anything of theirs. I did buy the DreamGirls CD and I've played it to death - Jennifer Hudson has the most wonderful voice. But I do love me a Broadway musical.

You're Cursed, Jack

Well, it's Wednesday and I have a little time at the computer - So away we go!

Wasn't 24 fantastic? Poor Jack - can they do anything else to him? His wife was killed, he's estranged from his daughter, he was hooked on heroin, tortured in a Chinese prison, and now the love of his life is catatonic and her daddy is kicking Jack out! Is Jack cursed? Do the worst things happen to Jack? How will he ever find happiness? (Isn't that the ultimate goal of everything we watch or read?) I'm hoping that whenever the show is going off the air, Jack finds some level of contentment. A life that is worth living. How about Jesus?

For now, he just has to make it though 6 more hours. Jim and I got a kick out of Daniel (Michael Shanks) from Stargate SG-1 playing a bad guy! He was sleeping with the acting-president's chief aide and "bed buddy." Jim quipped (can you use quip in a sentence?) "Now we can get the Stargate fully funded." I laughed and laughed. That's why I married that guy - he's funny.