Wednesday, May 2, 2007

You're Cursed, Jack

Well, it's Wednesday and I have a little time at the computer - So away we go!

Wasn't 24 fantastic? Poor Jack - can they do anything else to him? His wife was killed, he's estranged from his daughter, he was hooked on heroin, tortured in a Chinese prison, and now the love of his life is catatonic and her daddy is kicking Jack out! Is Jack cursed? Do the worst things happen to Jack? How will he ever find happiness? (Isn't that the ultimate goal of everything we watch or read?) I'm hoping that whenever the show is going off the air, Jack finds some level of contentment. A life that is worth living. How about Jesus?

For now, he just has to make it though 6 more hours. Jim and I got a kick out of Daniel (Michael Shanks) from Stargate SG-1 playing a bad guy! He was sleeping with the acting-president's chief aide and "bed buddy." Jim quipped (can you use quip in a sentence?) "Now we can get the Stargate fully funded." I laughed and laughed. That's why I married that guy - he's funny.

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