Friday, May 25, 2007

Not Penny's Boat

I watched Lost on Wednesday night - on tape so I wouldn't miss anything. I will watch it again and again and, probably, again.

I don't know where to start. I did have some inkling that the show was moving into the future - the producers had hinted at it. But Jack's dad is dead. He was in a coffin. On the plane. in the hold. Going back to the states to be buried. So why did Jack refer to him in the flash-forward? That really confused me.

Charlie's dead?! I know people don't stay very dead on the island (maybe that just applies to Locke) but the actor's gone, yall. I did read on E! online that the producers didn't feel they could keep him alive - it would cheat the viewers. I certainly was willing to suspend belief that he could live - couldn't you? I pretty sure if you're watching Lost - you're suspending belief on alot stuff.

I loved that Ben wasn't trusted. When you lie all the time, Ben, people don't believe you when you finally tell the truth. So who was on the boat? Maybe just a random boat? Then why did Naomi have Desmond's picture? Speaking of - why didn't Desmond question her more about why she had his picture? The girl was walking - Sayid could have gotten the truth out of her.
I'm so happy, happy, happy that Sayid's not dead. I love his voice, character and he looks good,too

Locke's alive. Kate's married to who? in the future. Somebody (a man) is dead in the future. Alex found her mother. Sun is going to die, maybe. More and more questions. We have to wait until next February for some answers. Poo!

I love me some time travel and I'm starting to believe that's what this show is about. Check out what Shannon wrote and be sure to read the comments......

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