Tuesday, May 15, 2007


American Idol Re-cap:

Jordan - She's such a cutie. She sings really well, too. I like that she uses those old songs (did she say "Grosse Point?") - they deserve some recognition with the youngsters out there. I had goose bumps on that last song (the old one.)

Blake - He's very cute, too. I realize that his clothing choices are somewhat limited but how many times can he wear the same style? I've grown weary of them. Oh, he thinks Jim Carey should play him in a movie? As what, a grandpa? Maybe 25 years ago but Jim a little long in the tooth now, Blake. Musically he sang one of my favorites, It's Love by Maroon 5. He did a good job on it, too. Roxanne did sound like a bad cover of Sting though. Whatever that last song was was good, too. Those last two sounded like his vibe - his spot, you know.

Melinda - What can I say? She should already be making music. She is the best of the three. She can rock any song and I'm with Randy - she needs to throw some Tina Turner-ish stuff into her repertoire. That girl works hard for her money!

The Judges - They get the treatment tonight, too. Firstly, please replace Paula. She is getting weirder all the time. Tonight when she laughed - her plastic surgery was a little too obvious. She seems so ..... ewwww. Secondly, we get that Randy has produced some big names - no need to drop one all the time. I like that he choose Whitney for Melinda - Melinda was on it! Lastly, Simon. He seems to put the youth thing in front of the voice. He mentions the age (of a song or person) alot. I really was shocked that he wanted Melinda in the final two - I believed that he wanted the younger ones. Who buys CDs or downloads?

Final Two: Melinda and Jordan It needs to be between these two - they have the talent.

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