Saturday, May 12, 2007

Help Me.

I'm going to write about Lost. I've been vegging out (whenever I have the time) but it hasn't been at the computer - it's been in front of the TV.

Oh. My. Stars. Lost is crazy! Ben is crazy. The Others are crazy. And Kate is crazy (again and again she trusts Jack - isn't this what women do who with men who continue to prove themselves untrustworthy? But that's another sermon.) I seriously think Ben may be crazy - too long on the island without things changing. You know, that guy with the eye-liner doesn't look a day older - he has just cut his hair.

I can only say that people on the island don't always stay dead very well. Locke isn't dead, yall. He just quit breathing temporarily. Cause I know he'll start again - and he's coming after Ben! There seems to be some speculation out there in Internetland that Jacob and Locke are brothers and Jacob wants Locke to help him get out of Ben's grip.

This I love: Jacob and Locke as separated twins - like Jacob and Esau. I don't know if the writers fully understand everywhere they can go with the Jacob and Esau story. Feuding families. Feuding countries. Sold birthright. Favoritism by the mom and/or dad. The Old Testament is full of great soap opera.

Well, I can't wait until next week to see who dies - temporarily.

Edited to add: I didn't link Shannon earlier because I was in such a hurry but check it out. Those are some good comments...

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