Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Have A Nice Day

American Idol Chat: Honestly, I missed the first two performers. I came in when the judges were blasting my girl, Jordan. Was she really that bad? I thought her hair was crazy and fun and it cracks me up how much she towers over Ryan! Makes me laugh every time.

Blake - What?! Was that rock and roll? Or was that some guy sounding like a record? Do the 11-year-olds know what a record is? Did mama have to tell them that was something from "back in the day?" I am agreeing with Simon - 1/2 would love it and 1/2 would hate it. Hated it. Or maybe I just didn't get it.

LaKisha - She was rocking! I loved her singing "This Ain't a Love Song!" I thought she was great. What up with the outfit? Ok.

Melinda - For somebody who thinks that they can't sing rock-n-roll - she was kicking it! She portrayed tough and edgy - a Pat Benetar - and portrayed it well. She's great and her voice is really incredible.

I have to mention that two of my co-workers that love American Idol and watch it every year are crazy about Blake. One of them asked me if I would buy Melinda's CD. I have to say that I haven't bought any AI CD's. Obviously, I'm not their target audience. I do love Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, and Carrie Underwood but, never bought anything of theirs. I did buy the DreamGirls CD and I've played it to death - Jennifer Hudson has the most wonderful voice. But I do love me a Broadway musical.


Melene said...

The Fox Channel in Abilene is off the air again! I've got my VCR set to tape American Idol because we are having company tonight-I hope it's back on by 8:00! That is so frustrating.

By the way, last night, Phil was awesome. It was not Jordin's night, but she showed she is very versatile. I hope that keeps her safe. I did not like Chris or Blake last night.

Christy said...

DO NOT BLAST BLAKE!!! He's not my favorite, but he's real, individual, unique and KICKIN'! And, Denise, I loved it. My mom is 62 and called me as soon as he finished. She thought it was better than Bon Jovi's Shot Through the Heart. (And to think all those times I sang with the hairbrush in front of the mirror, and I never knew she even knew who Bon Jovi was.)

Denise W said...

Oh no. That blowing in the mike is not as good as Jon Bon Jovi. And shame on you for saying so.....

Welcome to the fun side, Christy. I also love to watch Dancing with the Stars and love seeing Apollo dance. How can a guy named Apollo not be hot?

jessica said...

I'm a Jordan fan... I'm just not sure the other girls would have that image to sale albums... I mean look at Taylor... but I could be wrong!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Heard tonight that Gilmore Girls is canceled for next season -- no kidding! SERIES finale -- May 15!