Friday, May 4, 2007

It Sure Is Hot Enough

Wow. Lost. I love that Locke's dad was the con man who destroyed Sawyer's (James's) family. Where is this place?! Locke's dad said it was hell - is it hell? I enjoy it when the story crosses over itself like that. But surely it isn't all coincidence - there must be something afoot there (of course).

What about Rousseau? Why was she getting the dynamite? Who/What is she planning on blowing up? Yikes.

My other favorite scene of the episode was when Kate had to tattle to Jack about Naomi. What is wrong with that girl? Is Jack her daddy, or something. He isn't the principal, Kate. You can keep secrets from him because he's keeping one from you. With his new girlfriend. Who seems much cooler than you right now. But I guess we have to excuse Kate, she's got to be pregnant. That super-sperm (there it was again, eww) did it's job, I'm sure.

Log in if you wish - I can't wait until next week.

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