Saturday, May 5, 2007

Have You Ever Been To Jasper, Alabama?

Sawyer's from Jasper, Alabama?! Did he live out towards Saragossa like all my kin? Did he go to Red Mill School (elementary) like my mom? Or West Jasper Elementary where Papa Crawford (my grandpa) worked as a janitor? Or maybe he went to TR Simmons, where I taught?!

I couldn't pass that up. Sawyer's from my neck of the woods. Who knew? FYI: Sawyer is totally from West Jasper - more "wrong side of the tracks" over there. That being said my daddy is from West Jasper and he turned out pretty good.

I've got two links for you. The first is Shannon's blog. Her readers always have good comments - the stuff I've missed or more just insightful. The next one is from Shannon's blog, too. It's to a rumour site that lists 3 characters that will die, supposedly. Rumors, all rumors.

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