Thursday, April 19, 2007

In One Of Your Puzzle Flashes.

I have to admit - I wasn't sure that Desmond wouldn't let Charlie die until the last moment. I thought, maybe. Desmond really wants to be with Penny again and who can blame him? But I'm really glad he didn't let Charlie die. I told Jim that I don't want Charlie off the show. He has more to say, more room to grow, redemption, dad gum it!

Aside: Aren't the names Desmond and Penelope great? Don't they seem so English?

I love the interaction with Hurley and anybody. Hurley is my favorite character on the show and I want him to be well. Maybe the island heals mental illnesses, too. I tried to imagine how much these people have to say to each other now. We are assuming that they are still hiding parts of their lives - the idea of sitting around a campfire with your buds. That sounds like a reason to open up their lives and talk about your past failures. Your need for redemption.

Ah, Sawyer. He's hot and funny. Who could want anything else?

Link for Shannon's blog - She always gets more out of it than I do. Her readers do, too.

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