Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sci-Fi Friday

I watched my Stargates on Friday night. You can't beat SG-1 for a good story. I loved that it showed Cameron in a wheelchair and that he, too, had stood up for his principles. Does this mean that in an alternate universe we are basically the same people? If you're thinking enough, that is a nature vs. nurture argument waiting to happen.

Daniel becomes Ori!!?? Come on. I'm guessing Daniel will ascend, but Ori? No.

Insider info: Ok, maybe not insider but I did read something interesting. Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter) will be on Atlantis next year. She's taking Weir's spot! What? And did you know that Dr Beckett (Atlantis) will be killed off in the next couple of weeks?! What's up with the turn-over? Weir may be done but Beckett? I like him and his cute accent. (It must be something about those Scottish accents.) One more - How long before Ronan and Teyla hook-up. I'm okay with my Sci-Fi being s*x free, but those two sure are exchanging significant glances.

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Megs said...

i always thought shepard (sp?) and tayla would hook up personally, but it was the same with the early years of stargate with O'neil and Carter they could not because of it being inappropriate or something interesting, still kinda angry that they are getting rid of Becket that is so wrong. K well I LOVE SCI-FI FRIDAY!