Monday, April 23, 2007

Daniel, Oh Daniel

Well, it's Monday again and I haven't written about my TV viewing! What is up with that?! Maybe I haven't watched any TV? Right.

Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis were good. Jim and I got to see them last night on our old-fashioned VCR. Yep, we still tape. No DVR at our house. That's another blog. We feel like we missed something with Daniel. Did they even notice he was gone? They only mentioned him once - why were they not going after him? When did they get that device? I saw Daniel thinking it - when did it become a "device?" Did we miss something? Anyone? Megan?

Tonight begins the end for the Heroes. LOVE THIS SHOW! Kenny had been watching it but I'm afraid it's going to get too violent. That Skyler is one BAD dude! He is truly evil. (Of course, that begs the question - Isn't that what makes a good bad guy?) And exactly how bad is Linderman? Is Peter really dead? OOOOOO - I can't wait.

Also, at the same time on my VCR, is 24. There aren't enough good things to say. There aren't enough words to laud Jack Bauer. He's going after his love that went after him. Nuff said.

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Megs said...

k yea they do seem to just have daniel kinda not mentioned at all, but i think they presume dead or brainwashed or something along those lines, that and they would not even know where to begin to look for him. Also the "device" became real when daniel took merlin into his mind and start to create it with that weird looking machine thing. He saw what to do and how to make it created it molecularly and poof it was there, you got to love merlin no wonder arthur liked him so much;)