Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol Rehashed

Well, last night we watched only the last 30 minutes of American Idol and, it's just not the same without someone to laugh at. I did get to see Jordan and that girl can flat sing! I missed Melinda (it MUST come down to those two!) but saw the re-cap at the end. Those boys aren't as good - looks like a girl winner this year! That's my prediction but it isn't that surprising.

Funny thing: I bought Happy Meals at Micky D's this week and they are AI meals! My kids were thrilled to get little echo mikes that had American Idol on them. Kenny was all about reading the facts on the side of the box. Okay, I was interested, too. Did you know that the contestants get help on their styling but not their song choices? It seems a hue thing to leave in a young 'un's hands, Dawg. I guess that's why they always make such a deal out of the song choice.

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