Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who Doesn't Love A Fireman?

I'm almost afraid to write about this one - Rescue Me. It's edgy, urban, very New York, okay, it's bad, yall. I have loved it since it started! Denis Leary writes (or produces?) and plays the lead character, Tommy Gavin. A fireman in NY who wasn't killed on 9/11 but knew most of the firemen who were - including his cousin. He's a tortured soul who struggles with his own alcoholism, his family's alcoholism, and his belief in Jesus. I'll never forget Jesus on the show with him or when Mary Magdalene came by looking for her "husband, common law" (if you didn't think that was a little funny, don't watch.) His family is falling apart around him and his buddies at the station don't help alot. They all have their own problems - a wife with early-onset Alzheimer's, a drunk wife, a player who can't settle down, a gay (or maybe not) fireman, etc.

I'm one step away from deleting this. Recommend it? Yes. Scared you're going to ask for me to come forward for prayer. Yes.

Wednesday at 9:00 on FX

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jessica said...

This is one of my favorite shows!!!!! I don't generally tell people, though, cuz I'm afraid of the reaction!

So is Sheila alive or not? I was confused because although Tommy saw her he has that issue with seeing dead people! And it was midnight when I was watching it! :)