Tuesday, June 26, 2007

HBO on Vacation

Yes, yes - I've been watching TV. I've even turned it off during the day a few times. I've declared that we won't have TV at some point during the day. I've become a rather unpopular mom - them's the breaks.

While we were on vacation, we had access to HBO. No, it wasn't dirty shows the whole time. We did see Big Love more than once. The show is about a family of polygamists who don't live on a compound but in a regular suburb in Utah (given.) I admit to being a teeny bit fascinated with Mormonism so I couldn't wait to watch this show. I don't think I had seen it before but I'm hoping that I get to see it again. Just the idea that life could be any kind of normal while living a HUGE secret compels me.

Maybe when it's on DVD I can see it again.
In case you're wondering, we won't have HBO. We did have HBO when we first got married (I saw original Sopranos and Sex in the City) but I would hate for my kids to just flip over to alot of what they show.

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