Friday, February 15, 2008

How Long Do You Think We Can Play House?

Okay, I can't quit thinking and writing about Lost. There other TV shows and issues to put on here, but Lost is the best.

The Best.
Caution: Information Regarding Thursday's Show!
So, Sayid flash forward! How cool is that anyway? Just seeing him in a suit was enough for me. OOO, when he was on the golf course - I was completely shocked! He just killed that guy...... I was on the edge of my seat by the end of the episode.

Ben - I could tell from his voice before I saw his face. What up with a secret room? I missed that there was a secret button....

Desmond - on the helicopter and flying to Penny, soon anyway.

Sawyer - after a shower. I was so happy that he finally declared his love for Kate. It's about time! Let the woman know that you're ready for real!

Jacob - Where did he go? Is the cabin really trailer-house? Is he talking to Hurley now, too? No wonder Hurley's in the looney bin.

Hurley - Liar. I did not see that coming.

Miles - Let me just go on the record - that guy is awful. He is the most annoying human ever.

Now I must wait another week - I did love the teaser with Kate in shades and lots of cameras.

Also, I read that since the Writer's strike is over, they will be making some more Lost! Thank goodness. There will be a total of 13 episodes with a break between #8 and #9. Whew!

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