Saturday, October 6, 2007

I Love Geek TV

If being geeky means I love the new show Chuck, get me a pocket protector. If being geeky means that I can't miss Heroes, then I need some black glasses. If being geeky means that I watch old Star Trek episodes whenever they are on, then I need my own tricorder (I already have a Star Trek uniform but it's blue so maybe I need a medical tricorder.)

Okay, so let's just say it - I'm a little geeky. Chuck is one of my favorite new shows. It's funny and there are people kicking butt - perfection. It's also produced by McG - the guy that brought us the Mission Impossible movies. That means the special effects are really good. It also comes on right before Heroes and that show is still terrific! OOOOO, it's good.

Just so you know that my Monday nights are sitting with NBC - I'm into Journeyman, too. It's a time travel show. I know what you're thinking, "Not again!" But since I just finished The Time Traveler's Wife, I'm kinda lost in that weird place. Journeyman has alot of similarities to the book, too. So far I've spent the shows comparing them to the book. But the topic is simply fascinating - I won't go there.

I have seen a few other shows that I will tape (no, I don't have TiVo) if I have to. I'll write about them later. Watch Monday on NBC and get geeky, too.

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